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College Hounds

Jones County College Hounds

  • Austin Sullivan (2023) | Young Harris College
  • Kyle Whipple (2023) | Emmanuel College
  • Katlin Malone (2023) | Augusta University
  • Anna Grace Hinson (2023) | Middle Georgia State University
  • Mariah Hunter (2021) | Albany State University
  • Laney Doster (2021) | Mercer University
  • Hayden Durett (2020) | Young Harris College
  • Logan Ward (2020) | Central Georgia Technical College
  • Hunter Kimball (2017) | Augusta University
  • Kate Boland (2016) | Augusta University
  • Dalton Carr (2016) | Augusta University
  • Kendall Gordon (2015) | Georgia Military College
Luke Syverson - Head Track and Field Coach Berry College

Read this awesome article on getting ready for college by Luke Syverson, Head Coach T&F at Berry College.

My favorite part: #4 Your GPA is the most important controllable. For every $1 in athletic aid out there, there is over $1,000 of academic scholarship aid. Remember that there are only about 12 scholarships for NCAA D1 men’s programs (for a roster of 40 guys) and D3 has no athletic aid. It is a much more wise investment to focus on your academics, than it is your athletic ability. Even though the challenge of taking your classes online right now might not be your idea of best case scenario, put just as much time into your school work as you would if you were in school. Your 3rd and 4th Qtr GPA this spring carries just as much weight as your 1st and 2nd Qtr GPA from your 9th grade year. The higher your GPA and test scores are, the more affordable your college experience will be. What if you competed and trained just as hard and intentional for your grades as you did for your event? Compete in the classroom the next 7 weeks!

Find Out Where You Can Run in Georgia

If you want to run in college you need to do the work. Almost every college in Georgia has a long distance running program. Do you want to run in college? Click here for the eligibility guidelines and other great resources (Georgia Track and Field Association). If you scroll down on that page you can find ALL the schools in Georgia with their websites.