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As a coach, my priority is the well-being of my runners, and I am committed to supporting them if they are injured by offering my assistance and referring them to our trainer. Additionally, I am responsible for selecting the runners who I believe will contribute the most to our team’s success. I recognize that running involves a great deal of strategy, and I do my utmost to ensure that our team achieves its goals. Although there are restrictions on the number of runners permitted to participate, I’ll make every effort to serve the team and individual runners, assisting them to attain their best performance.


  • Come to practice – be on time – be hydrated
  • Get a good pair of shoes (2 preferred)
  • Get a good watch with GPS
  • Come mentally ready to work hard
  • Get a roller and work on your core everyday


Every Fall, we hold a parent meeting where we distribute various forms and provide the policy handbook for Jones County High School. We rely on volunteers for fundraising, organizing banquets, setting up and taking down meets, and cleaning up after home meets. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Coach Moore.